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By using our Internet Megamarket (On-line store) «Ukragrozapchastyna» You shorten the time necessary for you to search for equipment and original spare parts for cars, tractors, combines and agricultural machinery.

In E-catalogs section you can find any item and its number in the electronic catalog technology nodes with the drawings. Section «Tech. Literature» presents catalogs assembly units for sale, exclusive benefits, repair and maintenance of equipment, as well as other supporting literature. Delivery is made by any of the above in the section «Ckeckot and Delivery» by travel agency or our own transport. To solve any technical issues you have an opportunity in real-time chat with our operators using ICQ, e-mail or the phone numbers listed on the main page.


We have the following advantages in comparison with other companies:

  • Company «Ukragrozapchastyna» is an authorized dealer, representative of many leading European manufacturers, as well as producers from Ukraine and CIS countries.
  • Prices 10-30% below, so for the same money you can buy more spare parts. The quality of spare parts is guaranteed. Large range of spare parts (more than 40,000 items in stock).
  • Under the order, guaranteed maximum performance of applications (more than 100,000 titles). Send the parts of the city of Kharkiv trucking anywhere in Ukraine.
  • Possibility of payment for parts of your products. The presence of catalogs, literature on service and repair almost any agricultural machinery.
  • Free expert advice. Available free of charge or negotiated price for the delivery of spare parts.
  • The treaty, favorable to you may complete and continuous provision of spare parts and other necessary products to maintain your farm.

We look forward to working with you!

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